Why OpenLabs is one of the best technical institution in Ghana

Increased unemployment and a dearth of skilled workers are two major difficulties confronting Ghana and its economy today. OpenLabs Ghana has been active in Ghana for the past two decades with the goal of addressing these issues. Not only has the university produced 100,000 graduates, but it has also developed young brains to become Software Developers, Network Engineers, Designers, and other professions. The university now has a large alumni base in the country, and its alumni have played an important role in the country’s digital transformation. One of the country’s best hopes for addressing the major concerns of unemployment and economic growth is skill development. OpenLabs Ghana has positioned itself in training young in emerging technologies as a pioneer training institution that understands market demand and the function of an institution as a whole.

Capacity Building training programs in rural regions and Youth Employment initiatives are two of OpenLabs Ghana’s most recent creative products. The college was the first to implement initiatives such as Income Sharing Agreements and Loan-Based Agreement Projects, in which talented persons are identified and trained to obtain jobs before paying their tuition fees. The institute feels that these are some of the most immediate remedies to the country’s unemployment problems.

Another important strategy for increasing the employability of undergraduate and graduate students in the country is to increase the demand for Gig jobs. By providing these young brains with the required skills and training, they may be able to find work outside of their home nation and earn great earnings.

OpenLabs Ghana is popular among the indigenous and those interested in pursuing a career in IT for a variety of reasons.

  1. Career focused Training — Our profession focused training at Openlabs allows students to focus on a career path that they are most interested in. And this happens after they’ve been exposed to a wide range of IT education options. We also value each student’s uniqueness and help them find a career path that matches their interests and passions. This has resulted in a strong community of alumni who have gone on to develop outstanding careers in the tech industry after graduating from our college.
  2. Flexible Payment — While we try to build a sustainable Africa utilizing cutting-edge technology, we are equally aware of the financial environment in which we operate. Our training programs are planned and geared to assist persons who are financially disadvantaged in obtaining a technical education. Our newest initiative, “Train and Pay When You Land a Job,” allows students to receive technical training and then pay for it once they find work. We hope that this will progressively close the educational gap between those who can afford superior instruction and those who may not.
  3. Practical Training — While a four-year college education tends to focus on theory and provides little preparation for entering the workforce, our training at OpenLabs takes a different approach. We think that hands-on instruction is the most effective way for students to learn. As a result, our curriculum includes Projects, Lab Exercises, and Assignments to assess students on a practical level. We attempt to bring as much of the workplace experience to the classroom as possible, which includes problem solving. After completing the program, our students will have three or four projects in their portfolio that attempt to tackle an issue or difficulty. We also provide them with internship opportunities as a way to gain additional experience and help them get off to a good start wherever they end up.
  4. Flexible and Convenient — We schedule our training programs to fit the times and duration for each individual student. Openlabs offers daytime to weekend programs which provide a better schedule for working students who are seeking to upgrade their skills, or switch careers entirely. Our program duration and intensity are all dependent on student availability. For example, our certificate programs, which normally run an average of three months, enable short intensive training while our Diploma courses run for two years.
  5. Smaller Class Sizes — Smaller class size leads to a more personalized training. While many technical schools pack students into their training sessions, at Openlabs we do the opposite. Rather than go for quantity, we believe quality training comes from giving each student the needed attention to grasp what is being taught. We encourage a one-to-one approach from trainers, group study sessions and project work so our students have a full grasp of the course content and are highly equipped when they enter the workplace.
  6. Job Placement Opportunities — With a high unemployment rate in Ghana, we have over the past 20 years and more made it our goal to introduce our students to companies and businesses looking to recruit the best and brightest. We have done so through career workshops, seminars and internships where we equip students not only with tech skills but also soft skills that come with working in a corporate setting. By using this strategy, students are able to connect and land jobs way before they graduate from our institution.

The above reasons are just a few of the reasons why more than 30,000 students have chosen OpenLabs over the rest when it comes to a technical institution in Ghana and West Africa.

Our international affiliation to brands such as Microsoft, Google for Education, IBM and other renowned companies gives us a competitive edge over other Technical institutions.

If you are looking to start a career in IT, then OpenLabs is the place to be for an amazing training experience that will last a lifetime.



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