Python Programming


Python is the first choice of Data Scientists for Analysing data. It has a simple elegant syntax which makes it easy to write and understand the python code. It is the best language to learn for people who have never written or learned coding. The codes written in this language are short and succinct. Python has a great community and you’ll always find great support from active online forums over the internet. This course helps you become a Python Programmer and get an in-detail understanding of one of the most trending and in demand skill set of 2025.

Programming Logic and Techniques

  • Understanding and Representing Decisions using Pseudocode
  • Using Flowcharts 

Python Programming 

  • Installing Python and Selecting an Editor
  • Introduction to the Interpreter and Running Programs
  • Variables and Datatype
  • Writing and Reading Data
  • Strings and Methods
  • Using Conditional Statements, Boolean, Iteration, and Comments
  • Using Dictionaries
  • Understanding Functions, Indexing, and Slicing
  • File manipulation – opening, reading, writing and closing files
  • Introduction to Classes and sub Class
  • Exception handling
  • Using libraries – Packages and Modules


Software Engineer


Data Scientist

Data Analyst

Quantitative Analyst

Actuarial Science

Working knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel

Program Cost

1,750 GHC


Program Length

3 Months


3 Days A Week; 2 Hours Per Day

Admission Cycle

Throughout Year

Payment Plan

400 GHC per month



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