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The JobFactory Bootcamp is a hybrid online/offline tech exploration course delivered by NIIT Ghana with the aim of exposing both young and mature technology enthusiasts to new and emerging technologies. Technology today has proliferated everywhere, and with it various branches of tech have emerged such as web, IoT, blockchain, mobile and graphics. For Ghanaians interested in pursuing technology careers, deciding a path can sometimes be daunting; “Should I be a network engineer or web developer?” The JobFactory was designed to give aspiring technologists an introduction to many different avenues of technology, allowing them to explore where their interests, talents and passions are, giving them direction on which avenue to pursue as a career. The JobFactory Bootcamp was designed to meet the demands of the current generation of students and working professionals; a blended offering of online learning and in-class practicals that give you tangible skills you can use to develop technology immediately. The program covers 12 technology modules each of which has 2 practical skill workshops which must be attended in-centre. The rest of the program can be learnt in the comfort of your home at your own pace and on your own tablet, smartphone or desktop machine.

In this module, students learn how the blockchain is changing the world, regulations around cryptocurrencies and how to accept payment in Bitcoin.

Must be comfortable with the following :
How to Browse the Internet
How to search on Google
How to use MS Word & MS Excel
How to use WhatsApp
How to send an email
Be able to type atleast 20 words per minute

Program Cost

250 GHC

Program Fee

Program Length

12 Hours


12 Hours

Admission Cycle


Payment Plan




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