Certificate in Management Information Systems

Certificate in Management Information Systems Course Description

Organizations are facing dynamic challenges, diverse styles of working, and ever-changing information needs, which offer a for developing computer-based Management Information Systems (MIS).

Why You Need To Learn MIS

  • MIS uses computer technology to provide information and decision support to managers, helping them become more effective.
  • MIS is distinct from other information systems as they are used to analyze operational activities in the organization.
  • Managers require data that is aggregated, timely and future-oriented over a span of time. 
  • Fast and accurate analysis of data is required for making business decisions and planning strategies.

MIS certification gives you skills in four primary areas: (i) Tech, (ii) Analysis, (iii) Database, (iv) Interpersonal and Managerial Skills.


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Eligibility Requirement

  • Comfortable with MS Office Basics
  • Some business or work experience

Job Opportunities

  • Business Data Analysis
  • Database Manager
  • MS Excel Advanced

Tools and Technologies used

Course Content

Introduction to Computer Systems - The Desktop, Settings and Control Panel, Personalization, Files and Folders, User Accounts, Desktop Applications, Store Apps and Windows Store, Internet Access, Sounds, Photos and Videos, Sharing Files, Backup and Restore, Additional Useful Apps

Word 2016 -  Formatting, Paragraph Formatting, Managing Lists, Tables, Styles, Controlling Page Appearance, Sectioning, Graphics, Envelopes and Labels, Mail Merges, Page Setup Options, Indexing and Table of Contents, Review and Printing etc.

Excel 2016 – Basic - Excel 2016: Introduction, Creating Workbooks, Saving Workbooks, Navigating Workbooks,  Page Setup & Print Options, Working with Rows, Columns and Cells, Moving Data, Formulas & Functions, Working with Sheets , etc.

Excel 2016 –Advanced - Functions, Date and Time Functions, Text Functions, Logical Functions, Lookup Functions, Financial Functions, Statistical Functions, Connecting to External Data, Tables, Pivot Tables, Data Analysis, Graphs and Charts.

PowerPoint 2016 - PowerPoint 2016: Introduction, Overview, Getting Started, Text and Bullet Editing Options, Adding Graphics, Working with objects, Editing pictures, Working with SmartArt, Working with Tables, Working with Charts, Unlocking the Power of Masters etc.

Outlook 2016  -  Outlook 2016: Introduction, Setting Up Outlook, Sending and Receiving Mail, Searching Mail, Organizing and Managing Mail, Creating and Sending Mail, Working with People, Working with the Calendar, Tasks and Notes, The Backstage Options.

Database Management with SQl Server - Database Management, Normalizations Techniques, MS SQL Server, Connecting to and Disconnecting from the Server, Entering Queries, Creating and Using a Database, Creating and Selecting a Database, Creating a Table, Loading Data into a Table, Retrieving Information from a Table, Selecting All Data, Selecting Particular Rows, Selecting Particular Columns, Sorting Rows, Date Calculations, Working with NULL Values, Pattern Matching, Counting Rows, Using More Than one Table, Getting Information About Databases and Tables, Maximum Value for a Column, The Row Holding the Maximum of a Certain Column, Maximum of Column per Group, The Rows Holding the Group-wise Maximum of a Certain Column, Using User-Defined Variables, Using Foreign Keys, Searching on Two Keys.

  • Projects: Final Project with Presentation
  • Training Materials: Books & Moodle
  • Assessments: 1 Exam In Moodle MCQ
  • Certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)