Certificate in Web Development

Course Description

A certificate in web development offers an introduction to best practices of web design, development, and debugging. You can enrol in a web development certificate program at the undergraduate or graduate level. Combining technical, creative, and business communication skills, web developers typically work in teams; with experience, many developers work as independent freelancers.

What You Will Learn

  • Build websites and webapps
  • Build HTML-based mobile apps
  • Get a job as a junior web developer
  • Bid for projects on freelance websites
  • Start their own online business
  • Be a comfortable front-end developer
  • Be proficient with databases and server-side languages

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Eligibility Requirement

  • Basic knowledge in computer programming

Job Opportunities

  • Web programmer
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Web Engineer
  • Web Analyst
  • Content Management Specialist

Tools and Technologies used

Course Content

Prerequisite - Certificate in Web Design 

Database Management with MYSQL - Database Management, Normalizations Techniques, MYSQL Server, Connecting to and Disconnecting from the Server, Entering Queries, Creating and Using a Database, Creating and Selecting a Database, Creating a Table, Loading Data into a Table, Retrieving Information from a Table, Selecting All Data, etc.

JavaScript Part II - Functions, Events, Cookies, Page Redirect, Dialog Boxes, Void Keyword, Page Printing, JavaScript Objects - Objects, Number, Boolean, Strings, Arrays, Date, Math, RegExp, HTML DOM etc.

PHP Core  - Environment Setup, Syntax Overview, Variable Types, Constants, Operator Types, Decision Making, Loop Types, Arrays, Strings, Web Concepts, GET & POST, File Inclusion, Files & I/O, Functions, etc.

Laravel - Overview,  Installation,  Application Structure,  Configuration,  Routing,  Middleware,  Namespaces,  Controllers,  Request,  Cookie,  Response,  Views,  Blade Templates,  Redirections,  Working With Database,  Errors & Logging,  Forms,  Localization,  Session,  Validation,  etc.

  • Projects: Project With Presentation
  • Training Materials: Moodle
  • Assessments: 2 Exams by Moodle MCQ
  • Certifications: Zend Certified PHP Engineer | Laravel Certified Developer