Diploma in Software Development

Diploma in Software Development Course Description

The Diploma in Software Development program is aimed at creating software engineering professionals with the core knowledge in software development and web development as well. As the current industry demands more web application developers the course is designed to provide the necessary skills for both software and web app development.

What You Will Learn

  • The most prevalent and latest technologies in the IT Industry. 
  • The program provides a strong foundational skill in Office applications, Programming Logics, Web Design, Web Development, etc. 

The modules of this program are the most sought after skills in the Information Technology space that pays the highest wages. The program is designed with multiple exit paths and certifications. Each module in this program is mapped to an international certification which can provide the learner with an added advantage to stand out in the job market.

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Eligibility Requirement

These qualifications are designed for learners who are typically aged 18 and above. For learners who have recently been in education or training the entry, the profile is likely to include one of the following:

  • WASSCE: Passes in any three Core Subjects and three elective subjects including (Mathematics, English Language) or it's equivalent (SSSCE, O-Level, A-Level, etc.) other related levels 3 subjects such as ATHE Level 3 Diplomas
  • An Access to Higher Education Certificate delivered by an approved further education institute and validated by an Access Validating Agency
  • Other equivalent international qualifications

Job Opportunities

  • Junior Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • Junior Full-stack engineer
  • Program Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Front end developer

Tools and Technologies used

Course Content

Introduction to Computer Systems - The Desktop, Settings and Control Panel, Personalization, Files and Folders, User Accounts, Desktop Applications, Store Apps and Windows Store, Internet Access, Sounds, Photos and Videos, Sharing Files, Backup and Restore, Additional Useful Apps

Word 2016 -  Formatting, Paragraph Formatting, Managing Lists, Tables, Styles, Controlling Page Appearance, Sectioning, Graphics, Envelopes and Labels, Mail Merges, Page Setup Options, Indexing and Table of Contents, Review and Printing etc.

Excel 2016 - Excel 2016: Introduction, Creating Workbooks, Saving Workbooks, Navigating Workbooks,  Page Setup & Print Options, Working with Rows, Columns and Cells, Moving Data, Formulas & Functions, Working with Sheets , Functions, Date and Time Functions, Text Functions, Logical Functions, Lookup Functions, Financial Functions, Statistical Functions, Connecting to External Data, Tables, Pivot Tables, Data Analysis, Graphs and Charts.

PowerPoint 2016 - PowerPoint 2016: Introduction, Overview, Getting Started, Text and Bullet Editing Options, Adding Graphics, Working with objects, Editing pictures, Working with SmartArt, Working with Tables, Working with Charts, Unlocking the Power of Masters etc.

Outlook 2016  -  Outlook 2016: Introduction, Setting Up Outlook, Sending and Receiving Mail, Searching Mail, Organizing and Managing Mail, Creating and Sending Mail, Working with People, Working with the Calendar, Tasks and Notes, The Backstage Options.

Basic Python Programming Structure - Install and Setup, Stepping into the World of Python, Program Flow Control in Python, Lists and Tuples,   Functions - An Introduction, Python Dictionaries and Sets.

Python Advanced Features - Input and Output (I/O) in Python, Modules and Functions in Python, Object-Oriented Python, Using Databases in Python, Generators, Comprehensions and Lambda Expressions.

Python Database Integration: Introduction of MySQL Database, CRUD Operations, python mysqlconnector library, running queries on the database from the python script.

Capstone Project: Console Application project as per Student.

  • Projects: Final Project with Presentation
  • Training Materials: Books & Moodle
  • Assessments: 1 Exam by Moodle MCQ
  • Certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
  • Projects: Capstone project
  • Training Materials: Moodle
  • Assessments: 1 Exam by Moodle MCQ
  • Assessments: PCAP Certification (Associate)

HTML5 - Overview, Basic Tags, Elements, Attributes, Formatting, Phrase Tags, Meta Tags, Comments, Images, Tables, Lists, Text Links, Image Links, Email Links, Frames, Iframes, Blocks, Backgrounds, Colors, Fonts,  Forms, Embed Multimedia, Marquees, Header, Style Sheet.

CSS 3 - Introduction, Syntax, Inclusion, Measurement Units, Colors, Backgrounds, Fonts, Text, Images, Links, Tables, Borders, Margins, Lists, Padding, Cursors, Outlines, Dimension, Scrollbars

JavaScript Part 01 - Overview, Syntax, Enabling, Placement, Variables,  Operators, If...Else, Switch Case, While Loop, For Loop, For...in, Loop Control

BootStrap - Overview, Environment Setup, Grid System, CSS Overview,  Typography, Code, Tables, Forms, Buttons, Images, Helper Classes, Responsive utilities, Glyphicons, Dropdowns, Button Groups, Button Dropdowns, Input Groups, Navigation Elements, Navbar, Breadcrumb, Pagination, Labels, Badges, Jumbotron, Page Header, Thumbnails, Alerts, Progress Bars, Media Object, List Group, Panels, Wells.

JQuery - Overview, Basics, Selectors, Attributes, Traversing, CSS, DOM, Events, AJAX, Effects, Interactions, Widgets, Theming.

WordPress - WordPress Basics - Home, Overview, Installation, Dashboard, WordPress Settings - General Setting, Writing Setting, Reading Setting, Discussion Setting, Media Setting, Permalink Setting, Plugin Setting, WordPress Categories - Add Category, Edit Category, Delete Category, Arrange Categories, WordPress Posts - Add Posts, Edit Posts, Delete Posts, Preview Posts, Publish Posts
WordPress Media - Media Library, Add Media, Insert Media, Edit Media
WordPress Pages - Add Pages, Publish Pages, Edit Pages, Delete Pages, WordPress Tags - Add Tags, Edit Tags, Delete Tags, WordPress Plugins - View Plugins, Install Plugins, Customize Plugins
WordPress Appearance, interactions, Widgets, Theming.

  • Projects: Project With Presentation
  • Training Materials: Moodle
  • Assessments : 3 Exams by Moodle MCQ

Database Management with MYSQL - Database Management, Normalizations Techniques, MYSQL Server, Connecting to and Disconnecting from the Server, Entering Queries, Creating and Using a Database, Creating and Selecting a Database, Creating a Table, Loading Data into a Table, Retrieving Information from a Table, Selecting All Data, Selecting Particular Rows, Selecting Particular Columns, Sorting Rows, Date Calculations, Working with NULL Values, Pattern Matching, Counting Rows, Using More Than one Table, Getting Information About Databases and Tables, Using mysql in Batch Mode, Maximum Value for a Column, The Row Holding the Maximum of a Certain Column, Maximum of Column per Group, The Rows Holding the Group-wise Maximum of a Certain Column, Using User-Defined Variables, Using Foreign Keys, Searching on Two Keys, Using AUTO_INCREMENT, Using MySQL with Apache.

JavaScript Part II - Functions, Events, Cookies, Page Redirect, Dialog Boxes, Void Keyword, Page Printing, JavaScript Objects - Objects, Number, Boolean, Strings, Arrays, Date, Math, RegExp, HTML DOM etc.

PHP Core  - Environment Setup, Syntax Overview, Variable Types, Constants, Operator Types, Decision Making, Loop Types, Arrays, Strings, Web Concepts, GET & POST, File Inclusion, Files & I/O, Functions, Cookies, Sessions, Sending Emails, File Uploading, Coding Standard,  Predefined Variables, Regular Expression, Error Handling, Bugs Debugging, Date & Time, PHP & MySQL, PHP &  AJAX, PHP & XML, Object Oriented.

Laravel - Overview,  Installation,  Application Structure,  Configuration,  Routing,  Middleware,  Namespaces,  Controllers,  Request,  Cookie,  Response,  Views,  Blade Templates,  Redirections,  Working With Database,  Errors & Logging,  Forms,  Localization,  Session,  Validation,  File Uploading,  Sending Email,  Ajax,  Error Handling,  Event Handling,  Facades,  Contracts,  CSRF Protection,  Authentication,  Authorization,  Artisan Console,  Encryption,  Hashing, Understanding Release Process,  Guest User Gates,  Artisan Commands,  Pagination Customizations.

  • Projects: Project With Presentation
  • Training Materials: Moodle
  • Assessments: 2 Exams by Moodle MCQ