Surveillance Systems

Course Description

This Surveillance Systems course provides comprehensive information required for Security Camera and access control Engineer aspirants.

In this course you will learn how to how CCTV camera works, how to calculate focal length required for a surveillance objective, camera parameters. You will learn Basics of IP Networks required to work with IP Camera Systems: Ethernet connections, IP addresses, ports, routers and switches. You will be equipped with tools and software required to work with IP cameras.

This course provides the participant with a better understanding of the practical aspects of the industry as well as the "Hands-On" experience and confidence that are so important for success.

Course Learning Outcome

  • The details of basic access control system components
  • Electronic and Wireless Door Locks
  • Door Equipment including Barriers
  • Hardware, Power Supplies and Cabling
  • Software Functionality

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Eligibility Requirement

Job Opportunities

  • CCTV Technician
  • CCTV Operator
  • Security System Operator
  • Officer, Surveillance

Tools and Technologies used

Course Content


  • Camera System Overview
  • Hardware Installation
  • Video Recorder Set-Up and Configuration
  • POE switch

 Access Control

  • Associations, standards, inspectorates and documentation
  • Mechanical and electromagnetic locks
  • Identification, Tokens and Readers
  • Card Based ID systems, Controllers and Systems
  • Frequency of use and operation, location and sensors
  • Fitting devices onto framed constructions
  • Single and multi-door systems and closures
  • Networking Access Control Systems
  • Planning and Design of System
  • Fault finding techniques